Monday, June 22, 2009

Mountain Air

So I finally broke away from paint last week and brought my dusty pastels up into the mountains. I've always loved pastels but haven't much time to experiment with them. Pastel is harder than it looks so my percentage of "post-able" pieces wasn't that high, but here are the good ones.

This one I had the most time for because the light wasn't changing too fast. I did this at about 10am.

I got some great advice to try painting the same place at different times of day to see how the light changes. So, I did the same location at sunset and found the colors to be much brighter and darker than before. The shadows are much harsher also. I didn't have as much time for this piece though.

Cool thunderstorm clouds at sunset. Got a good lightening storm later that night out of them.

This was on the drive to LA before we went up camping. It was the beginning of the pastel experiments so it's not technically great, but I like the overall feeling of it.

Here's a value sketch by Big Silver Creek.


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