Thursday, August 23, 2012

Versus Gallery Show Piece

Hey everyone! So in a couple weekends I will be attending the PAX convention up in Seattle. And, on Saturday night, I will be participating in the Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode gallery show! This is the piece I will be showing. It's from the game Earthbound, and it depicts the moment when Ness leaves home with his (soon to be) rival Pokey to embark on his journey. I chose to do it in pixel art to call back to the original style of the game. 

If anyone happens to be attending PAX, the gallery show will take place Saturday night at 7pm.  The address is 1927 3rd Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101. There will be art, live music, games, and refreshments!

Also, the print is available to buy online here:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Painting Studies

Here are a few quick painting studies I have done recently. The first is some nice afternoon light coming into the office, the second is of some table reflections at a Burbank cafe, and the last is a lone grape someone left on a table at Starbucks. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bill Cone Pastel Class!

This July I was lucky enough to spend a week up the Sierra Buttes taking a plein air pastel class with Bill Cone. Bill was a great teacher and I learned so much more about color and light and how to capture it on paper. Plus, what more could you ask for then getting to paint all day, every day up in the mountains! We also had a terrific group of people, which made the week even better. Here's a small sampling of some of my paintings from the week. 

And, this last one I did at a lake near my house after I came home.

Finally, here's a photo of one of our painting locations. :)