Friday, December 7, 2012

New Earthbound Prints!

So, my recent Earthbound piece is now available to buy online! It's being sold by my good friends at Fangamer as part of the Versus art show collection.

Also, I made another set of 5 prints done in the same style, which are now available to buy as well! Each is 5x5 inches in size. 

And here are the new pieces:

Also, I made a little "stamp" for the back of each print in which I tried to boil down each image into a small 2 value graphic. Then I added my name and Fangamer's above and below it. 


Anonymous said...


Are they available on bigger sizes? Say 10 x 10 inches?

Melissa King said...

Unfortunately, just 5x5 for now. Sorry!

Alice Wong said...

These are so awesome!

James Daniello said...
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James Daniello said...

I just spent the morning framing and hanging up (what I believe to be) the whole set. The space around it needs a lot of attention, but it's a good start. I'd add the rest if there is (or will be) more.

Below is a picture. Feel free to share it. I know it's not much use down here as a little URL. Just thought you'd like to see them up on someone's wall!

Melissa King said...

Hey James,

Those look so great up on a wall! I'm glad you like them. That is the whole set for now. Maybe more sometime in the future???

Triseratops said...

These are some of the nicest pieces I've seen in a long time, I'm absolutely in love with them! EB <3