Friday, December 7, 2012

New Earthbound Prints!

So, my recent Earthbound piece is now available to buy online! It's being sold by my good friends at Fangamer as part of the Versus art show collection.

Also, I made another set of 5 prints done in the same style, which are now available to buy as well! Each is 5x5 inches in size. 

And here are the new pieces:

Also, I made a little "stamp" for the back of each print in which I tried to boil down each image into a small 2 value graphic. Then I added my name and Fangamer's above and below it. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Camping Memories

I decided to paint an old camping memory of my and my two older cousins. We liked to sit by the campfire until it was almost completely burnt out. Soaking in every last warmth until my dad threw water on it. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Figure Paintings

Been taking a figure painting class! It just ended, so I thought i'd post some of my work from it.  I took it with Vadim Zanginian, who was a great teacher and helped me make some big improvements in my work. We only did black and white studies so that we could really focus on getting the value, structure, and proportions correct. Here are a few 3 hour studies from class: 

And, here are a couple of my studies from home, along with a photo of all the studies I did. I feel like I got through a bit of mileage.

Extra Credits Episode

So, myself and a few other people from Fangamer recently got the privilege of doing some art for this web series called Extra Credits! It's a fantastic series on how to make games. My work is at the end of this episode, starting at 4:19 and going to 5:35.

For anyone interested in making, or even just playing games, I highly recommend watching all of these. I learned so much from them!

Also, shout-outs to my fellow artists who also worked on the episode: Jon Magram, Laura Wilson, Jeff Benson, and Charlie Verdin. And of course, thanks to the Extra Credits guys for letting Fangamer do an episode!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Food Art

Here is some work I did a little while ago for a Facebook game called Chefville.  I was one of the food artists along with my very talented friend, CJ Guzman, who refuses to have a blog so I cannot link him now. He may have painted the occasional broccoli, carrot, plate or bowl, as we re-used pieces when possible. I also did some icons and foliage design for the game, which are shown below. The last 3 pages are some work I did on the game CafeWorld, which I briefly worked on before Chefville. 

Finally, shout-outs to my 2 fantastic art teams on these games. I could not have worked with greater people. Such talented, supportive, and fun individuals to be around. I miss you guys.