Saturday, December 1, 2012

Food Art

Here is some work I did a little while ago for a Facebook game called Chefville.  I was one of the food artists along with my very talented friend, CJ Guzman, who refuses to have a blog so I cannot link him now. He may have painted the occasional broccoli, carrot, plate or bowl, as we re-used pieces when possible. I also did some icons and foliage design for the game, which are shown below. The last 3 pages are some work I did on the game CafeWorld, which I briefly worked on before Chefville. 

Finally, shout-outs to my 2 fantastic art teams on these games. I could not have worked with greater people. Such talented, supportive, and fun individuals to be around. I miss you guys. 

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Amy Kim said...

This makes me hungry!!!!!