Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Philz Coffee as Tiny Tower pixel art

About a year ago I got a little obsessed with this mobile game called Tiny Tower. My favorite part about it was how they took very real, specific places, turned them into simplified pixel art, and still retained the feel of the original place. For example, their "video rental" looked exactly like my local blockbuster, but in pixel form. 

As tribute, I turned my favorite coffee shop, Philz Coffee in San Jose, into a Tiny Tower floor. Complete with hipster bitizen. 

It would be fun to do more of these and eventually get my own little version of Tiny Tower going, but not much time at the moment unfortunately. Perhaps in the future!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pastel Trip 2013

Just got back last weekend from another great week painting up in the mountains with Bill Cone's Workshop! It's one of my favorite weeks of the year, being up in the mountains, painting all day, and hanging around some great people. The outdoor showers are pretty nice too. Here's my haul from this year!

Afternoon light on some aspen trees next to a meadow

Barn in the Sierra Valley

River Rocks

Trying to capture all the different colors reflecting/hitting the water

Light through foliage

Still water at Upper Sardine Lake

River near Love's Falls

Sierra Valley 

Island in the middle of Salmon Lake 

Lower Sardine Lake mountain at Sunset

River rocks

Tent at the field campus

Forest at the field campus

More light through foliage, very tiny piece

Most are around 8" x 5" (ish), but that last one is quite tiny, only about 2"x3". And I'll end with a photo of the nice scenery at Upper Sardine. What a great week!